Kelsy and I love to travel and everywhere we go the first thing we do is check out the local shopping scene.

Time and time again we found ourselves inspired by the independent boutiques we came upon.

Hutch + Hide began in those stores as an idea, nothing more than a few scribbled lines in notebooks and journals recorded during our trips.  We knew only that we wanted to create a space of our own that captured this independent spirit.

With a taste for adventure, a bit of planning, and a few Spotted Cows we decided to dive in and Hutch + Hide was born.  We found a great building in the heart of our home town of New Glarus and rolled up our sleeves to make it our own.

We hope you enjoy our store and when you leave you do so feeling inspired the way we so often have in the past.

The Hutchisons
Tory, Kelsy, + Shay